the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

Monthly Archives: August, 2010


We ended our third season with a boffo service on August 1st. The theme was WATER AND LIGHT, and the room was cool, vibrant and refreshing. Above is a photograph of an abandoned ship, taken by Thomas Bangsted, our featured visual artist for the month. His big, gorgeous photos lined the wall and set the tone for our deep watery day. Here are some more pics from the service.

Daniel Zaitchik and Emily Walton sang for us, one of Daniel’s songs called Other People’s Photographs. Their band, The Blue Bottle Collective, has a new album coming out this fall. Beautiful, soulful singing and musicality. Mmmmmm.

And speaking of beautiful music, here’s another of our amazing guest artists, Jonny Rogers, who performed a new song he wrote for the theme. Jonny sings, plays guitar and wineglasses with water in them. This shot is after the service, out at the curb as he was getting rid of the water…we thought he was about to dump the glasses in the gutter! (They’re glued in, duh.)

Here are two lovely ladies of The Secret City — Raquel and DaVine. Gorgeous, warm and bright.

Here’s another group of lovelies — Dan, Joanna and Tony. SPARKLES!!

AND, here, well these two I’ve known since I was a teenager! My dear friends Paul and Bruce…they’ve finally made it to New York to LIVE! And it’s wonderful to have them here. Two great lovers of the the arts…and of life. I’m knocked out by having them at The Secret City.

Here’s Thomas himself, with another one of his amazing photographs.

And here’s our dear Caitlin, doing the food offering for the month. She made Mint Green Tea Limeaade, and it was DELISH!! So refreshing and light and summery. Also, when Caitlin came to the Secret City for her first time a year ago, she brought this tea/limeade along for the refreshment table, so it was a symbol of her time with us, too. Thanks, Caitlin, for all you do for The Secret City.


 And here’s Betsy and Fran! So great to have them with us now, too.

Seriously. Martyn, Ed and Leah.

And that’s the end of a miraculous third season of services. As always, I’m left with such gratitude to this amazing community of artists, creative people, thinkers, writers, singers, photographers, dancers, teachers, painters, comedians, spiritualists, seekers, lovers, players, tenderhearted friends, curious strangers, newcomers, old timers…the generosity and grace of this expanding community, and the wonder of this collaborative piece of art we’re making is astounding.

So, deepest thanks to you all. And we’ll see you in September. There’s the second annual Manhattan Wonderwalk coming up on September 11th, and then our first service of our fourth year on Sunday, September 26th. It’s going to be another big, glorious season, I can tell already. I can’t wait to see what it holds for all of us.