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Hey friends — we’re in the midst of a summer fund drive on KICKSTARTER, a great website designed to help creative people fund their projects. Our goal is to raise $15,000 in 45 days. Amazing, right? But, there’s a catch — if we don’t raise the whole amount, WE DON”T GET ANY OF IT!! So, please go to our KICKSTARTER page and pledge whatever you’re able and help us BUILD THE SECRET CITY!! 




Our last service of the season is Sunday, August 1st. Our theme will be Water and Light, in honor of summer, in honor of the sea, in honor of all that is essential about these creative, radical lives we lead. Join us as we celebrate THE WATER AND THE LIGHT, and as we mark the end of our third and most glorious year in the life of The Secret City. It’s going to be a special day.

The Secret City — Water and Light
Sunday, August 1st, 11:30a.m.
@Theatrelab 137 W. 14th Street.
$10 suggested donation



It Was An Ecstatic Rite!!

Our celebration last month was TRULY ECSTATIC!! Taken a bit longer to get the pictures loaded, something was going on with typepad, but now we’re back on track, and I’m going to share some highlights from the service. The painting above is by Jennifer Sanchez, our featured artist for June. She brought in a bunch of great new work, brilliant colors combined with the violent black scribbles of her graf paint. Our guests were colorful, too. Here’s Tigger, dressed for Independence Day.

Here’s the AMAZING Sxip Shirey, performing for us. He makes the most incredible sounds using found objects and everyday items … kitchen bowls and glass marbles, bicycle wheels and kiddy whistles. He’s like a mad scientist conjuring the sounds of the cosmos.

Sxip also brought a guest with him, contortionist extraordinnaire Jonathan Nosan.

Jonathan entered the room quite mysteriously, no one knew who he was or what he was about to do. But Sxip conjured him, too, and he approached the front of the room and began to bend his body in half BACKWARDS!!
I thought the roof was going to blow off! Amazing to feel the power of one human body, LIVE in the room… Incredible.

Here’s the lovely Fiona Creed with the food offering of the day — the raspberry! Such flavor! Such joy!

Rachel with the flower for the day — talk about ECSTATIC!!

The Secret City reunited old friends!! Steve Park and Julia Pearlstein.

The Secret City inspires curious fetishes! Dan Jenkins tries out his over mitt on Joanna P. Alder…

The Secret City loves families!! While mom and dad enjoyed the service, Lucas enjoyed playing with the other kids upstairs…

And here’s the ‘altar-cloth’ for the month, made for us by John Devaney. The title is ECSTASY. The artist told me that’s brocolli coming out of her head…he loves brocolli.

So that’s a look at our ECSTATIC service. Thanks to all the amazing guest artists who took part. The room was packed, too, which it has been more and more lately. We’re looking for a new space to start our fourth season…that’ll be at the end of September. In the meantime, we have one more service this season, and then the Manhattan Wonderwalk. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…and I don’t want to do that. I want to be right here, in the joyful moment of the presence…celebrating the ecstasy of simply being alive.