the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

Monthly Archives: April, 2010

What’s it WORTH to you??

What are you worth? What’s worth your time? What is the relative worth of anything?

Join us as we celebrate the idea of WORTH. We have an amazing roster of guest artists who are going to present their work for us. Check it out:

Rosanne Cash will sing
Leah Coloff will play her cello
Martyn Thompson will share his photographs
Herb Westphalen has concocted a self-worth mocktail for the tasting
Ana Parea will share recent scientific findings on worth
Justin Sayre will read the Cultural Calendar
And I will share a story about my recent stint with the US Census bureau.

It promises to be a lovely gathering, full of good people, fresh ideas, deep community and JOY!

The Secret City
Sunday, April 25th, 11:30 a.m.
@ Theatrelab 137 W. 14th St.



Had an amazing service on the 28th of March. The theme was THE BODY, and there were a LOT of bodies packed into the room. Something about spring, and bodies and the secret city…the visual artist for the day was John Devaney, that’s one of his paintings above. He uses the figure beautifully, and I also feel like he paints the world as if it were a body, always in motion.

Here’s Chef Amanda Freitag, she did the food offering for us. ARTICHOKES!! Actually, the heart of the artichoke, marinated in lemon, olive oil, thyme…delish!

Greg Walloch is a storyteller, and he told us a story called ABOUT TO EAT CAKE. Greg was our first guest sermon, and it was amazing to hear him spin his tale.

Here’s our own Lucy Smith, I call her an art-masseuse, because what she does with massage is amazing. She led us in a bunch of self-massage for things like anxiety, depression, concentration…really powerful and fun.