the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

Monthly Archives: March, 2010


Glorious spring! Time to the shed old skins and reveal the fresh, new, tender bodies underneath. Join us as we celebrate the mysterious and beautiful vessels in which we spend our lives.

Our line up is amazing!

  • Jimmy O’Donnell will lead the band on guitar
  • Sarah Alden will join us on fiddle
  • Art-masseuse Lucy Smith will share tips on awakening the inner body
  • Chef Amanda Freitag is making artichoke hearts for the food offering
  • Charlotte Booker is going to read for us
  • Rachel Coloff, Donna Cribari and Chris Wells will sing THE PHYSICIAN
  • Percussionist Mathias Kunsli will enthrall with his cymbals
  • Painter John Devaney will share his beautiful figurative work with us
  • And storyteller Greg Walloch will give the guest sermon, entitled ABOUT TO EAT CAKE

It’s going to be a beautiful service, guaranteed to awake, revive, stimulate and inspire all bodies present.

The Secret City
Sunday March 28th, 11:30 a.m.
137 W. 14th St.

And Remember, FREE CHILDCARE!!


It was a very stylish day…

Sunday was an amazing service!! The theme was STYLE, and who doesn’t like that? Above is one of the amazing Sesame Truffles made for the food offering by Genevieve LuLoup. The experience of eating one of these was a true adventure, such complexity. And they were beautiful, too. Here’s two whole trays of ’em, served by the lovely Coloff sisters:

We heard the epigrams of Oscar Wilde, looked at the collages of Isa Catto Shaw, and held the Second Annual secret City Fashion Show! Here are some highlights: