the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

Monthly Archives: January, 2010


Our next service is this Sunday, and our theme is WORK, inspired by the new year.

Join us as we celebrate the ideas of productivity, industry, fabrication, manufacturing, and ART MAKING. We have an amazing roster of guest artists:

  • Jeremy Bass (guitar), Sarah Alden (fiddle) and Leah Coloff (cello) will play music for us
  • We’ll look at photographs of the WPA
  • Kelly Coffield will read from actual cover letters and resumes
  • Marissa Copeland is making Rosemary Walnuts for the food offering
  • Daniel Zaitchik will perform his song Beekeeping
  • Jen Taher will read the Cultural Calendar
    • Sculptor Julia Nitsberg will lead us in a piece of collaborative art making

We’ll also have our usual features: The Mingling Ritual, Meditation, and The Reciting of Our Gratitudes. And I’ll be reading my latest sermon, THE WORK OF WONDERING, about being mistaken for a running back for Ohio State.

Please come join us.

And remember, we always have FREE CHILDCARE!!




We celebrated the DARKNESS last month. The service was the 20th, the day before the Solstice. It was an amazing, bright, snowy day outside, and the pre-winter light filled the room.

Those things in the picture above are mushrooms, which grow in the dark, of course. Marinated button mushrooms were the food offering in the middle of this incredible gathering.

This is the wonderful Evie Peck, who was visiting from LA. Evie read a piece of hers called The Art of the Blind Date, a riotous exploration of a truly terrifying ritual. Talk about darkness.

Here someone is looking at a photograph by Steve Giovinco, our featured artist for December. Steve makes amazing images that really play with the notions of light and dark, literally and figuratively.

That’s one of the reasons I thought Steve would be a great fit for the theme of Darkness, but also because Steve usually ‘in the dark’ when he’s shooting…meaning, he doesn’t pose the shots, he’s shooting with a remote, and he doesn’t know what he’s shooting. So he’s working intuitively, and capturing intimate moments that reveal themselves only after he’s shot them.

This is one of his ‘psychological portraits’ of him and his wife, Dru Arstark.

Here are some new faces from the service–on the left is Daniel Zaitchik, who performed with part of his band, Blue Bottle Collection. They were AMAZING! They sang one of Daniel’s songs, entitled  The Dark.
It was a lovely moment, everyone sat-up in their seats when they started, and didn’t sit back until it was over. On the right is Ryan, a new-comer. We LOVE newcomers!

Here are some sweet pals, having a grand ol time at The Secret City. Dan Parker, Lonny Price and Evie Peck.

Look at that lovely winter light flooding into the room.

There was a lot of music, Katie Barrett sang a song called The History of Fire, and Jeremy played his lute for us. How great is that?

An amazing gathering, a theme that was deep and revelatory. I love the idea of celebrating the dark heart of the year, the moment when we all go underground together, and look for what lies beneath the sunlit surface of our lives. It’s a great thing that art and artists do naturally, and it’s really wonderful to do it together. Here’s to the dark, among its many offerings is the place where light is born, over and over again.