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Monthly Archives: November, 2009


Lovely lovely lovely was the service yesterday. Our theme was GRACE, and it was a grace-filled, graceful, and gracious affair. Our featured visual artist was Juliana Francis-Kelly. Here she is installing her work before the service.

Her SAINTS, which are paper dolls made of Marcal napkins and Elmer’s Glue, were the perfect thing. They lined the walls.

Yehuda Hyman created a dance piece for the service entitled Sometimes it Happens So Quickly. He danced for us with, and on top of, his kitchen Stool. Grace is found in everyday objects and unlikely settings, and in moments when we think it is undeserved. Here’s Yehuda in motion.

Charlotte Booker wrote a piece in honor of the birthday of Geraldine Page, who would have been 85 yesterday; it was called, ’11 Things I Know For Sure About Geraldine Page.’ Here’s Charlotte.

Rachel Coloff made an exquisite panna cotta, pure milk, honey and cream, with a perfect piece of raspberry on top. Jeremy played Vivaldi for us on guitar–amazing to hear Vivaldi LIVE, in such an intimate setting.

It was a packed crowd. So many new people! And so many dear pals. We really are gonna need that new space, and soon. Here’s Yehuda with the Sisters Coloff — Rachel and Leah.


Steve Park, Lee Ann Brown, Tony Torn and Miranda Torn.

Newcomers Amber and Lynette, who found out about The Secret City from nonsensenyc, the best and coolest list-serve in the city. Thanks nonsense!









Here’s Annika and Caitlin. Do they look happy, or what?

Here’s Richard and Rick.

Here’s Wayne, looking protective of his panna cotta.

Martin brought some friends along==always happy to have more dashing gentlemen in our midst.

Here are Jeffrey and Emily and Wayne taking part in the Mingling Ritual.

it was a wonderful day–community, art, sanctuary, beauty, tenderness and joy. All in the heart of the city, on a Sunday morning in November. Thanks to all the incredible artists who make it happen, and those who show up, and the new friends…and for those of you who’ve never been before, we hope you’ll be able to visit sometime soon. And, who knows, we might visit your neck of the woods in the future, as The Secret City continues to GROW! With love, and gratitude. xo Chris

Oh, and here’s a quote from Tennessee Williams that I want to share, on the subject of GRACE:

“A high station in life is earned by
the gallantry with which appalling experiences are survived with grace.”

And now I’ll leave you with more of Juliana’s SAINTS–enjoy. And Happy Thanksgiving!