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Monthly Archives: October, 2009


We celebrated our ancestors this past Sunday. We started with some incredible music from Appalachia, performed by the lovely Sarah Alden and Rima Fand.

The walls were lined with images of our ancestors, some found, some sent in from Secret City members around the country. Some images were literally brought in on the body of the desendant herself, as evidenced here by our dear Anne Moore, who is wearing her grandmother’s locket.

Some of our guests were photographed for posterity so that they may be the future ancestors in some other Secret City ceremony years and years from now.

It was a deep and glorious service, with the mysterious past swimming all around us. A perfect rite for the fall, featuring a taste of two cheddars, stories about people descended from the stars and lots of wonderful humans.

Here are Jamie and Erin:

And Ismael and Donnie:

Alex and Joanie:

And, last but certainly not least, our own dear Bobby Lucy, whose birthday we celebrated.

It was a lovely day, and The Secret City is growing. We’re on the lookout for a new space, and our fundraising campaign continues. The services are full of more guest artists, more music, more visual art than ever. And folks come away with a deep sense of peace, of being restored, reset with intention. To make art in this world, to make art of this world.

One of the ancestors we had on the wall during the service was sent in by our friend Brian McGuire in Los Angeles. It was that great picture of Albert Einstein riding a bike. With it was a quote of his, which we also put on the wall and read aloud during the service. It captures what I think The Secret City celebrates,

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” Albert Einstein

Thanks to all who came out this past Sunday, and especially those who helped make the service happen. More to come. Next month, GRACE, inspired by Thanksgiving.




We had a beautiful and joyful service last Sunday, September 27th. The theme was TASTE, inspired by the new cultural season. It was our biggest one yet, with a whole new batch of amazing guest artists, and more musicians than ever. This is Larry Krone, installing his work, entitled THEN AND NOW

Larry is an artist and entertainer. His website is Check out his site for info about him,a nd if you ever have a chance to catch a show of his, do it. He makes beautiful country music with his friends and family. And he sews his own underwear. This is a close-up of some of Larry’s work, which looked beautiful in the space…

This was the first service of our third year…incredible. And there were new folks, old pals and great music.

That’s the lovely Rachel Coloff on the left, who sang a duet with me, with PIANO accompaniment! Rachel’s a great performer, a Broadway baby, and a delight to watch. Sunday was the first time we’ve had piano music in one of our services. In the middle is Sarah Alden ( who played violin for us. Incredible to have her music and spirit as part of the service. Sarah plays a lot of folk music of all kinds–American, Gypsy, Scandinavian and more. She’s also a part of the band Luminescent Orchestri,, who specialize in ‘MUSIC TO MAKE YOU DANCE, KISS AND SCREAM. Marilyn Perez is on the right, a newcomer to The Secret City. “Hi Marilyn!”

We had a lot of newcomers, and a lot of folks in general. Look at this sweet crowd!

This is Paul and Anna:

Daniela and Willie:

Ed and Annie:

And one more piece of Larry’s, this is one is a fish–see it?

A great day. And a great start to our third year. Thanks to all who came out, and to all who helped out.
Looking forward to a beautiful new year of services. And more art, more artists, more connecting.