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Monthly Archives: September, 2009


Here’s a list of tasty highlights from the walk! It’s this Saturday, come on down! Go to to get your ticket–only $10!!!

We’ll start by stretching at 9:30 on Linden Terrace at the
Cloisters. (Ft. Tryon Park) Baked goods will be offered by Pamela Gregory, master baker of Napa, CA. Jeremy
Bass will play guitar for us.

We’ll depart Ft. Tryon Park at 10am.

We’ll then visit the High Bridge Tower where Lisa Rothe will
tell us a bit about the history of The High Tower and the Croton Aqueduct.
Then we’ll walk along the Harlem River, and stroll past the Jumel Mansion.

We’ll worship at the monument to John James Audubon at
Trinity Cemetery, where Christian Frederickson and Eve Miller will play some
chamber music for us.

Actor Gibson Frazier will celebrate his birthday by
expounding on the beauty of Hamilton Heights. Ethan Lipton (of Ethan Lipton and
his Orchestra) will sing for us on Convent Avenue.

Choreographer/performer Gabriella Barnstone will dance on
the steps of St. John the Divine.

Then, we will eat our lunches, which we will have brought
with us. We will leave St. John the Divine at 130, walk over to Riverside
Drive, meet up with Kim Ima’s Treat’s Truck, and enter Central Park.

Central Park expert David Cobb Craig will reveal the
mysteries of The Angel of The Waters and Bethesda Fountain.

Kamala Sankaram and Drew Fleming (of Cowboy and Indian) will
play Astor Piazzola at the bottom of the Mall in Central Park.

Justin Sayre (of My Gay Agenda) will perform an Ode to
Gertrude Stein at her statue in Bryant Park.

Yours truly may perform a song at the Farrugut Monument in
Madison Square Park.
Actor Joanna P. Adler will read, Why I Come to the Secret City, at the statue
of Peter Stuyvesant in Stuyvesant Square.

We’ll visit Tomkins Square Park and snack on Ranger Cookies,
from Chef Amanda Freitag of Tribeca’s The Harrison Restaurant.

Leah Coloff, of Lucibel Crater, will play her unique brand
of Cello Rock in front of New York’s Marble Cemetery.

The Quavers will play some acoustic tunes in Sara Roosevelt

We’ll all grab dinner in Chinatown. Then,

Our last meeting spot will be in front of the statue, The
Triumph of the Human Spirit, in Foley Square, down by the courthouse. Then
we’ll walk the final 15 minutes of the walk in silence, arriving at the middle
of the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight.

As soon as we arrive to the middle of the bridge, we’ll
dance to the Romanian Gypsy Punk stylings of Luminescent Orchestri.

How can you possibly miss out?!?