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Grand Poobah | Celebrating The Solstice


CELEBRATING THE SOLSTICE/From Our Grand Poobah It’s that time of year again—and I couldn’t be more excited. This Sunday is our 2nd Annual Winter Solstice celebration at Judson Church. We had such a big, glorious celebration last year and I’m excited to see what will happen this year as we apply what we learned from…


Featured Performer | Clayton Dean Smith


CLAYTON DEAN SMITH/Featured Performer This Sunday, December 18th we have a 2nd Annual Winter Solstice celebration. The theme is SPACE and, to read the Cultural Calendar, we have one of my favorite actors—and, he’s now an award winning filmmaker as well. Clayton Dean Smith is a lovely, talented guy and I’m always happy to have…


Food Offering | Cassie McDuffie


CASSIE MCDUFFIE/Food Offering This Sunday is our 2nd Annual Winter Solstice celebration at Judson Church. The theme is SPACE. And, we have a delicious treat for the occasion. Our dear pal, master chef and fantastic baker is contributing her glitter truffles! We had these truffles at last year’s event so—looks like we have a tradition…


Featured Performer | Simi Stone


SIMI STONE/Featured Performer Ok, friends, prepare yourself for the magic, joy and sparkle that is Ms. Simi Stone. Simi’s a wonderful singer, performer and songwriter and she’s someone we met when we moved to Woodstock—she was our neighbor for the first three years and we just adore her. She performed at the first Woodstock gathering…


Featured Performer | Carson Elrod


CARSON ELROD/Featured Performer This Sunday at Judson Memorial Church we hold our 2nd Annual Winter Solstice Celebration. And, we have a beautiful group of artists and performers taking part. For the reader portion of our program, we have the dynamic, charming and talented Carson Elrod, who’s been a member of our community for some time…