our next event will be sunday, february 21st at Dixon Place at 11:30 am

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Upcoming Events


Surf’s Up! And, we are heading back to Cali, friends. Our final LA service of the season will be Sunday, June 22nd at 12noon at…

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Winter Miller | Featured Artist


Our line-up for this Sunday’s winter solstice event–Sunday, December 20th at 6pm at Judson Church– is a glorious thing. And, we’ve just recruited another dear pal to take part: playwright and roustabout Winter Miller. The theme is STARDUST–and it’s our first evening gathering at a new venue. Winter’s a wonderful writer and activist and for…


John-Andrew Morrison | Featured Performer


So excited to have John-Andrew Morrison sing for us! For this Sunday’s Winter Solstice event–STARDUST at Judson Memorial Church at 6pm–we’re putting together a fantastic version of, STARDUST, the Hoagy Carmichael standard, one of my favorite songs of all time. And, John-Andrew will be singing it along with Michael Winther, accompanied by Charley Layton on…


Charley Layton | Featured Performer


We have a wonderful accordionist playing for us for STARDUST, our first evening service ever–this Sunday, December 20th at Judson Church–in honor of the winter solstice. Charley Layton and his wife Rachel Boyadjis are strong members of our community and, they’re both performers who work in the world of circus and burlesque. Charley plays the…


Michael Winther | Featured Performer


For this Sunday’s winter solstice event–STARDUST at Judson Church, Sunday, Dec 20th, 6pm–I’m thrilled to present a dear friend and beautiful performer: Michael Winther. Michael has sung with us before and his voice and presence are magical. I’m thrilled he’s agreed to be part of our arrangement of Stardust, the Hoagy Carmichael Standard–along with John-Andrew…