our next event will be on SUNDAY, november 23rd at dixon theater in NYC starting at 11:30am

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Upcoming Events


Surf’s Up! And, we are heading back to Cali, friends. Our final LA service of the season will be Sunday, June 22nd at 12noon at…

The Artists Speak


Alex “YummyBakes” Avans | Food Offering


Our food offering this Sunday, for ANCESTORS, will be provided by Alex “YummyBakes” Avans, a beloved member of our community. Alex has a baking business – YUMMYBAKES – specializing in cupcakes, cake pops, wedding cakes and more. (She’s made a bunch of chocolate cakes for me over the years – mmm) – for Sunday, she’s…More


TIMBILA | Featured Performer


TIMBILA blazes ecstatic African rock with an East Village edge. The trance of African spirit possession merges with the trance of free-spirited head-bangers. The surreal buzzing beauty of timbila (Chopi xylophone, Mozambique) and hypnotic dream melodies of mbira (Shona thumb piano, Zimbabwe) soar with stinging guitar riffs, violin and sassy celestial vocals in grooves that…More


Amanda Duarte | Featured Artist


The fabulous Amanda Duarte is taking part in this Sunday’s service on ANCESTORS. Amanda’s a performer of many things – her current darling is a project called DEAD DARLINGS, an evening of writing that didn’t make the final cut. Featuring a star-studded line-up of writers and entertainers, it’s FREE every 2nd Wednesday of the month…More