our next event will be on SUNDAY, january 25th at dixon place in NYC starting at 11:30am

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Upcoming Events


Surf’s Up! And, we are heading back to Cali, friends. Our final LA service of the season will be Sunday, June 22nd at 12noon at…

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Danielle Delgado | Featured Artist


For our service this Sunday, January 25th, the theme is PATTERNS – and we’ve got a beautiful poem for the reading. It’s an old poem, written in 1916 by Amy Lowell. And, we’ve got a wonderful person to read it for us – Danielle Delgado, who has worked for many years Off-B’way, off-off-B’way, way-off regionally,…More


Lady Dragons Step Team | Featured Performers


For this month’s service on PATTERNS, we have a fantastic treat – the Lady Dragons, one of Brooklyn’s topped ranked step teams in NYC, are gonna show us how it’s done. Hailing from Brooklyn Technical High School, the Lady Dragons have won the Youth Step Regional Competition 2 years in a row (2012 and 2013),…More